Legal Areas

The Scanlan law firm deals with a wide range of legal areas, such as:  

Labour Law: dismissal, dissolution of employment contracts, wage demands, reviewing non-competition clauses, for both employers and employees.

Rights of Adjoining Property Owners : right of way, disputes concerning overhanging vegetation, failure to respect property boundaries.

Contract Law : the drawing up and review of various kinds of agreements, such as sale, rental, company takeover, surety, and general terms & conditions.

Landlord and Tenant Law : problems relating to payment or collection of rent, substandard maintenance, sub-letting, termination, eviction.

Debt Recovery : In the case of non-payment, a reminder will be issued, and, if needs be, followed by seizure and serving of summons.

Juvenile Law : all legal matters concerning juveniles: supervision, court custody, legal problems relating to school and offences not admissible before the juvenile court, be they violent behaviour in public or truancy.

Family Law : divorce, dissolution of cohabitation agreement, division of property, parenting plan, visitation rights, alimony, parental authority, custody, declaration of parentage, adoption, guardianship and administration order.

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